vRA 7.0 and Service Now Integration

With the release of vRealize Automation 7.0 comes some fantastic goodies including the new Event Broker system for providing integration and extensibility. Although I thought our previous methods with vRA 6.x and vRO were great, Event Broker just makes life so much easier. Let me explain…. Continue reading vRA 7.0 and Service Now Integration


Just want to throw a quick shout out to my buddy and co-worker Ryan Kelly at VMware. He runs a fantastic cloud blog over at vmtocloud , and I piggy backed as a guest blogger from time to time on topics related to vcac (vRealize Automation), vCO/vRO (orchestrator), and ServiceNow.

Here is a link to my ServiceNow post on integrating with vRA and vRO 6.x. You can expect an updated post with workflows soon, now that vRA 7.0 has officially been released.

Service Now CMDB Integration in 30 Minutes