Fun mate…

I’ve played the Vienna for a couple decades now, and I’ve had fantastic results. Here is a little miniature in one of the lines I get from time to time. Black gets a bit greedy and thinks he is pickup on a loose pawn, but in fact, his position isn’t great.

Vote for My VMworld Sessions!

I submitted 2 VMworld sesssions this year, along with my colleague in crime Chris Lennon. I think public voting will be opened up very shortly but here is all you have to do:

Connect to and login. You must register if you don’t already have a login.

In the search field, find both of my sessions and click on the star to vote. You can simply search by the session ID to make it easier:

8085 – Save Time With Everything and Anything as a Service (XXXAAS) using vRealize Automation (vRA) 

8091 – My dog can Provision a VM…So What? – Explore a day in the life of a workload using the VMware Cloud Management Platform (CMP) 

Chris and I are really excited to deliver these sessions at VMworld and we appreciate your support!