My First Year at Nutanix – WOW!!!

Hi everyone. It has been a while since my last post, and the title of this very post is the reason why. Sorry. No excuse. I just wanted to highlight a few things from my first year at Nutanix. Here goes:

  1. Culture – The company culture is second to none. From my peers, to the various overlay and support teams, leadership; it is simply the best I have experienced.
  2. Vision – Ok, I joined Nutanix because of the vision, and in just one year, I have seen that vision become a reality. I’m simply blown away by how the industry is changing for the better at the hands of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Vision. If you haven’t checked it out, you are missing the boat. This is not Hyper-Convergence folks!!
  3. Innovation – It’s relentless. SSP, UCS, Hybrid and All Flash mixed clusters, Container Services, SQL Server Migration Services, AFS, ABS, Single Node Replication, Network Visualization, ESXi CRUD from Prism, Just in Time Capacity Forecasting, Prism Central 1-click deployment and multi-cluster 1 click upgrades, Xenserver GA (yep, 4 hypervisors now!!!),  and the list goes on…and on…. Oh btw, seeing customers faces during POCs is what continues to drive me.
  4. AHV – As I mentioned in a previous post, I was cautiously optimistic here. Wow, I’ve been blown away on this one. AHV is that elegant, streamlined, and “invisible” hypervisor that just works…and it works damn well. Any time I have the honor to run a Nutanix POC on AHV, I’m simply thrilled, because I know that my workload was just reduced by 80%. Nothing to install, nothing to maintain. Just a single management plane for the entire stack and an industry standard H.V. with the features that everyone wants, but the management overhead that nobody wants. Nuff said!!!
  5. Automation – Ok this gets me excited. I can’t really talk about futures here, but let me just say that our story around Automation, Orchestration, and Hybrid Cloud, is about to get VERY JUICY!!!

Ok, more technical articles to come very soon.

Thanks everyone.


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